Asuna Kujō
Asuna Kujo
Nihongo 九条 明日菜
Romaji Kujō Asuna
Gender Female
Date of birth 1964[1]
Age 21
Relationship(s) Shun Mitaka (husband)
Moe Mitaka (daughter)
Mie Mitaka (daughter)
Mr. Kujō (father)
Mrs. Kujō (mother)
Occupation None
Residence Mitaka residence
Debut & Actors
Manga debut Lucky Day
Anime debut Yagami is Determined I Won't Give Up My First Love
Japanese seiyū Hiromi Tsuru
English VA Valerie Sing Turner

Asuna Kujō (九条 明日菜, Kujō Asuna) is a classically demure Japanese maiden from a wealthy. Asuna is pretty, kind-hearted, shy around people, and innocent to a fault. Her family and Shun's uncle arrange a traditional Japanese marriage between her and Shun (against Shun's wishes). She graduated from a all-girls university and upon meeting Mitaka, she instantly decides that he is "the one" for her. Her feelings towards him are intensified after Mitaka accidentally 'embraces' her, only due to his fear of dogs. In contrast to Shun, Asuna is a dog lover and she is initially attracted to Shun (approving of their engagement) because her many dogs seem to approve of him. Shun would like to end their arranged engagement, but often finds himself unable to, either because of his fear of her dogs or his fear of hurting her feelings (mirroring the situation between Yūsaku and Kozue). However after the engagement (based on a misunderstanding), a remark by Asuna that his smile seems forced (as in a photograph when he got second place at a tennis competition) makes Shun realize that she is a very empathic and compassionate woman whom he can be happy with. Asuna is initially unaware of Shun's feelings for Kyōko, but she is not above pursuing Shun, albeit in her own fashion. At the end of the series, Asuna marries Shun Mitaka and has twin girls, Moe and Mei, and a third child on the way. She was born in 1964.


Asuna is a beautiful young woman with hair that is cut straight and kept short.


Asuna is a very shy and timid woman who spends most of her time inside her home. She loves her dogs, whom she calls 'children', and takes time to play with them. She's so fond of canines that she does not even forget the names of the dogs she meets. A graduate, who went to an all girls school, Kujō declares that Mitaka is her one and only, after meeting him. She speaks very softly too and sometimes people can hardly hear what she's talking about.



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