Kentarō Ichinose
Nihongo 一の瀬賢太郎
Romaji Ichinose Kentarō
Gender Male
Relationship(s) Mr. Ichinose (father)
Hanae Ichinose (mother)
Occupation Student
Residence Room 1, Maison Ikkoku
Debut & Actors
Manga debut What Are the Neighbors Doing?
Anime debut Sorry to Keep You Waiting! I'm Kyoko Otonashi!
Japanese seiyū Chika Sakamoto
English VA Saffron Henderson, Sharon Alexander

Kentarō Ichinose (一の瀬賢太郎, Ichinose Kentarō) is Hanae Ichinose's son. Kentarō begins the story as grade-school-aged brat, generally seen trying to get between his mother and her bottle. Initially, he is antagonistic towards Yūsaku, but events soon see him to look upon Yūsaku as an "alright guy". He is also very fond of Kyōko, especially because he sees her as the only sane person in the building other than himself. He develops a crush on Kyōko's niece, Ikuko, reminding Yūsaku of himself, although Kentarō resents the comparison.

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