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Maison Ikkoku began serialization in November 1980 on the Japanese seinen magazine, Big Comic Spirits. It was published on a weekly basis with occasional colorized pages to spruce up the usually black and white manga stories. The 161st and the final chapter was published in Big Comic Spirits in April 1987.[1]

Following the publication in Spirits, Shogakukan collected and published the chapters in 15 individual tankōbon editions form 1982, with the final volume being released in July 1987. In 1992, the company started publishing high-quality and larger wideban edition of the manga, spanning ten volumes. Each volume containing approximately one-and-a-half of the contents of the original release volumes. The covers of this release were new watercolor artwork created specifically for this release. Between January 1 and April 1, 1997, another edition, this time small-size bunkoban were released. These volumes corresponded directly to the contents of the wideban release. Shogakukan also released a shinsōban version of the series, with 15 volumes corresponding directly to the original release.

Viz Media acquired the rights to published the series in North America, in the 1990s. Each chapter was released as a separate comic book of between 25 and 40 pages. However, a few chapters were out of order and some others were skipped.[1] When they collected the chapters into graphic novels, the chapters were released in the same order and the missing chapters were not included, resulting in only 14 total volumes for the first edition English language release. In September 2003, Viz began releasing the manga as the flipped, "Editor's Choice" or the second edition with all the chapters collected and according to the order of the original Japanese release, resulting in 15 total volumes.[1]

At New York Comic Con 2019, Viz announced that they will start releasing Maison Ikkoku in a collector's edition in June 2020.


# Chapter title Shogakukan version
Will the Cherry Blossoms Bloom!?
Maison Ikkoku Vol 1 jpn.png
May 1, 1982
ISBN 4-09-180451-9
Mitaka, Godai!!
Family Affairs
Maison Ikkoku Vol 2 jpn.png
July 1, 1982
ISBN 4-09-180452-7
Wait Three Years
Home Sweet Home
Maison Ikkoku Vol 3 jpn.png
May 1, 1983
ISBN 4-09-180453-5
Midway on the Hill
Good Housekeeping
Maison Ikkoku Vol 4 jpn.png
June 1, 1983
ISBN 4-09-180454-3
Noon and Night at Ikkokukan
Empty Nest
Maison Ikkoku Vol 5 jpn.png
January 1, 1984
ISBN 4-09-180455-1
With a Summer Wind
Bedside Manners
Maison Ikkoku Vol 6 jpn.png
June 1, 1984
ISBN 4-09-180456-X
Body of Love
Intensive Care
Maison Ikkoku Vol 7 jpn.png
September 1, 1984
ISBN 4-09-180457-8
A Spring Grave
Domestic Dispute
Maison Ikkoku Vol 8 jpn.png
February 1, 1985
ISBN 4-09-180458-6
Vs. Maiden
Learning Curves
Maison Ikkoku Vol 9 jpn.png
September 1, 1985
ISBN 4-09-180459-4
Blossom Labyrinth
Dogged Pursuit
Maison Ikkoku Vol 10 jpn.png
May 1, 1986
ISBN 4-09-180460-8
One Night Dream
Student Affairs
Maison Ikkoku Vol 11 jpn.png
July 1, 1986
ISBN 4-09-180891-3
From the Shadow of the Grass
The Hounds of War
Maison Ikkoku Vol 12 jpn.png
October 1, 1986
ISBN 4-09-180892-1
Dangerous Night
Game, Set, Match
Maison Ikkoku Vol 13 jpn.png
February 1, 1987
ISBN 4-09-180893-X
I Love You, But...
Welcome Home
Maison Ikkoku Vol 14 jpn.png
June 1, 1987
ISBN 4-09-180894-8
Under the Cherry Tree
Maison Ikkoku Vol 15 jpn.png
July 1, 1987
ISBN 4-09-180895-6
The titles correspond to the official English titles from the Viz release of the manga.

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