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Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku is a worn and aging boarding house in a quiet Japanese neighborhood, owned by Mr. Otonashi. Due to its deteriorating condition, its manager quits, leading Kyōko Otonashi, a young widow and Mr. Otonashi's daughter-in-law, to take over its control as the new manager.


Maison Ikkoku is the abide for some strange people, including:


  • Every tenant's names involve a number which matches the room they live(d) in:
    • Ichinose (Ichi = One)
    • Nikaido (Ni = Two)
    • Mitsukoshi (Mitsu = Three)
    • Yotsuya (Yotsu = Four)
    • Godai (Go= Five)
    • Roppongi (Ro[ku] = Six)


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