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Status Active
Run March 14, 2012 - Now
Date opened March 14, 2012
Creator Ryoga04

The Maison Ikkoku Wiki is a English wiki about the manga and anime series Maison Ikkoku.


The Maison Ikkoku wiki aims to provide the readers and the fans of the series with detailed summaries and character biographies.


The Maison Ikkoku Wiki was originally founded by Ryoga on March 14, 2012 (Wednesday), a fan of the Maison Ikkoku series. Nearly one-and-a-half month later, on April 26, 2012 (Thursday), Ryoga gave admin rights to Sango, who assists him by decorating the wiki, creating templates, and patrolling the recent changes. The wiki remains active until today.


Since March 14, 2012 (Wed) Hiatus

Founder of the Maison Ikkoku Wiki

Since April 26, 2012 (Thur) Hiatus

Sango 珊瑚
Administrator of the Maison Ikkoku Wiki

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