Nozomu Nikaidō (二階堂 望) is the resident of room 2 of Ikkoku-kan and a major character of Maison Ikkoku.


Originally intending to move into an upscale establishment called "Rikkoku-kan" ("Rikkoku" in the Viz translation), a typographical error on the lease papers brings him to Maison Ikkoku relatively late into the story as an accidental tenant. He led a relatively sheltered life before entering the story, and he moved into Maison Ikkoku as he started college against the wishes of his protective mother. Nozomu initially strikes Kyōko as a very well-mannered boy, while most other tenants see him as a "sheltered mama's boy". Aside from his long-running vendetta against Yotsuya (Nozomu retaliates to Yotsuya's invasions, in contrast to Yūsaku), he is known for being incredibly dense ("I don't get it") and is totally oblivious to the situation between Yūsaku, Kyōko, and their respective love triangles. He moves into the long-empty apartment 2. At the end of the series, he ends up graduating from college and moving back home with his over-bearing mother, but wishes to move back at Maison Ikkoku.


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  • He is among the major characters whose name involves a number. His family name Nikaido means " two-story temple" which is also the name of one of the administrative units of Kamakura, a city located in Kanagawa, therefore he is representative of the number 2, which match the number of the room he lives in.


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