Yukari Godai
Yukari Godai
Nihongo 五代 ゆかり
Romaji Godai Yukari
Aliases Grandma Godai
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relationship(s) Yūsaku Godai (grandson)
Residence Godai restaurant
Debut & Actors
Manga debut Will the Cherry Blossoms Bloom?
Anime debut Kyoko's Climbing the Walls! Godai's Headed for the Hills!
Japanese seiyū Hisako Kyōda
English VA Pauline Newstone
Live action Kin Sugai

Yukari Godai (五代 ゆかり, Godai Yukari) is Yūsaku Godai's fun-loving yet caring grandmother. She usually lives with Yūsaku's parents out in the country in the Godai family restaurant, but she occasionally comes to visit her favorite grandson in Tokyo, though Yūsaku would rather prefer she didn't. Akemi Roppongi, Hanae Ichinose and Yotsuya love when she visits as she always joins them in their drinking, however Yukari does not torment Yūsaku in quite the same way. She truly cares for her grandson, recognizes his situation with Kyōko, and her schemes are ultimately constructive for the two of them and, in contrast to Mrs. Ichinose, she's far more successful at it.

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